Pete Ziolkowski, Pastor of Imago Dei Church in Wauwatosa, WI, shares about his experience with Antioch School (the organization that Ekklesia is accredited through).

 MIke Olson, MMin

I have wanted to get a Bible degree for some time now.  Ekklesia is not just obtaining that goal.  What I have learned is that yes, we are pursuing degrees, but we are also each figuring out our ministry paths.  That doesn’t mean full-time ministry for each of us, and for me personally, it has been more “how can I use this in my day to day job as well as ministering to my family”.   As Christians, we are all called to ministry and this path has helped provide focus and direction.  It also created a way to look at the Bible in ways that I had not thought of before in terms of church planting, establishing churches, and each of our functions within the body of Christ.

Chris Luckey, MMin

Ekklesia has put me into a position to better learn how to dive deeper into the Bible. With a focus on how the church body continues to expand and fulfill the call in Matthew 28, Ekklesia takes education out of the traditional classroom lecture setting and puts it into a guided self-study group discussion. You will learn more about your fellow church members and yourself through discussions around different aspects of the Bible and what it means to BE the church. You will learn more about who the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are in your life, and you'll learn how to respond to challenges on your faith through writing defenses to your faith. You'll also learn more about yourself through a self-discovery process that helps you identify what motivates you to perform well in all areas of life. Ekklesia is a journey that provides a unique opportunity to learn biblical concepts and explore theology (the study of God and God's relation to the world) and ecclesiology (the study of the church).